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Old Gray Road

2008 1. Further Than a Stone
2. Change
3. Couple Crawdaddies
4. Cripple Creek
5. Michigan Boy
6. Blue Train
7. Janie in the Lake
8. Sloe Gin Fishing
9. Get Right Now
10. Angeline
11. Cluck Old Hen
12. Old Gray Road
13. Sailor's Psalm
14. Money For Beer

Sloe Gin Fishing

I'm going fishing
I'm gonna cast in
and catch a biggun

and if I don't you know
I'm gonna catch something
off of that sloe gin

stepping through trees
sun beating against the leaves
a bubbling creek
grows louder and it sounds so sweet
shimmering blue
water at full volume
drowning out the birds
that I stir
as I walk on by
nearing now to the waterside
mmm the water's fine
I'm going fishing

You know I got my pole and tackle
and the whole day
I'm going down that dirt road
friend once again
I'm going down that dirt road
just to find my favorite fishing hole
mmm sweet baby maybe
it be better than your sweet jelly roll