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Old Gray Road

2008 1. Further Than a Stone
2. Change
3. Couple Crawdaddies
4. Cripple Creek
5. Michigan Boy
6. Blue Train
7. Janie in the Lake
8. Sloe Gin Fishing
9. Get Right Now
10. Angeline
11. Cluck Old Hen
12. Old Gray Road
13. Sailor's Psalm
14. Money For Beer

Blue Train

Words and music by Nick Vander Vliet

Lately I've been lowdown
laid down on the ground
if you're looking for me
you know where I'll be found
on the ground
laid down on the ground

Blue train of sorrow
constantly following me around

Been through Mississippi
been through Tennessee
just a poor boy, lonely
plain as you can see

Blue train of sorrow
keeps on hounding me

'cohol and 'baccie
is all I really need
'cohol and 'baccie
and nothing comes for free

Blue train of sorrow
keeps on hollowing me