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2009 1. Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters
2. Cooter Brown
3. Conscription Man
4. Birthed from the Earth
5. The Plan
6. Staring into Headlights
7. The Long Walk Home
8. Till the Last Dog Dies
9. The Trifecta of Love
10. Possum Stomp
11. Dutton St. Waltz
12. Watering Hole
13. Through the Door (Black Sox)
14. Ten Years
15. Draft Dodger Rag

Dutton St. Waltz

Words and Music by Ian Gorman

don't go to sleep dear the moon is on the rise
shining on your clara bow smile
we're so far away from those troubling times
come sit with me for awhile

it's a difficult thing, trusting your heart
and diving into the deep
the baritone thunder off in the dark
unlocking the secrets we keep

and we were meant for the michigan pines
I know you're the worrying kind
so take off your mask and I'll take off mine
we share the same lighthouse inside
just don't let the night pass you by

the girl with the stone she keeps by her bed
to bring back the waves and the sand
the boy who remembers all that she said
and how water flowed through her hands