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2009 1. Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters
2. Cooter Brown
3. Conscription Man
4. Birthed from the Earth
5. The Plan
6. Staring into Headlights
7. The Long Walk Home
8. Till the Last Dog Dies
9. The Trifecta of Love
10. Possum Stomp
11. Dutton St. Waltz
12. Watering Hole
13. Through the Door (Black Sox)
14. Ten Years
15. Draft Dodger Rag

Staring into Headlights

Words and Music by Ian Gorman

an oak tree skeleton
reaches for the sky
you can't keep warm no matter how you try
thirty years of civil war inside
and every time you love me
i can see the chaos in your eyes

even ground keeps moving round on me
and this old town is one big bad machine
lights and wires everywhere you see
and I've got and awful feeling
that business men are soldiers in their dreams

soul sellers and love stealers are messing with my mind
I'm staring into headlights all the time
they say what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine
they won't leave me alone
and I can't see a damn thing in their eyes