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Great Recession Blues

2011 1. Intro
2. Great Recession Blues
3. Leelenau Wine
4. Angie (& the Hambone)
5. Hollow
6. The Longest Night of the Year
7. Vine & Fig Tree
8. Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug
9. My Gal
10. The Plank
11. St. James Infirmary Blues
12. Way Down in the Hole
13. When the Saints Go Marching In

My Gal

The rich gal she ride in an automobile
Poor gal do quite the same
My gal she rides an old wheelbarrow
But she's getting round just the same

Well I'll be there in the morning if I live
(If I live)
I'll be there in the morning if I don't get killed
(If I don't get killed)
If I never, never see you no more
Why don't you please remember me

The rich gal she'll hit you, she'll bop you with a stick
Poor gal do quite the same
My gal get a rusty razor and run you all over town
Because she's raising hell just the same


The rich gal, she drink that good ol' whiskey
Poor gal she drink quite the same
But my gal she drinks that nasty old Thunderbird wine
And she gets twisted just the same


A rich gal she'll kiss you nice, she'll kiss you oh so sweet
Poor gal she do quite the same
My gal she'll jump on you, she'll snaggle on your lips
And she will loving you just the same