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Great Recession Blues

2011 1. Intro
2. Great Recession Blues
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5. Hollow
6. The Longest Night of the Year
7. Vine & Fig Tree
8. Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug
9. My Gal
10. The Plank
11. St. James Infirmary Blues
12. Way Down in the Hole
13. When the Saints Go Marching In

Great Recession Blues

Words and music by Josh Keller

Well I know that you said it
but boy you'll regret it
if you don't take this job
turning down a pay check in this economy is financial suicide
don't blame me when you got no money

work for the corporation
pay your bills and rent
it's your patriotic duty
to spend every last cent

get off work drive to the mall
why buy one when you can have them all?
we'll cure these great recession blues

my house is under water
I can't feed my son or daughter
it's the same on down the block
credit cards been maxed out
cable it's been blacked out
it's gonna get worse before it gets better
turn down the heat put on a sweater

the middle class is dying
and wall street keeps on lying
tell those folks in washington
I want my bailout too
give to the rich
take from the poor
don't seem right but they seem sure
they're gonna cure
these great recession blues

now the sun may not be shining
but there's a silver lining
behind every dark and stormy cloud
less money means more time to be
focus on more important things
like our family, friends, and earth
find out how much they're really worth
we'll build up our communities
keep our towns alive
and if we build them up enough
you know they just might thrive
so buy locally not at the mall
why buy one when you don't need it at all
we'll cure these great recession blues