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2009 1. Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters
2. Cooter Brown
3. Conscription Man
4. Birthed from the Earth
5. The Plan
6. Staring into Headlights
7. The Long Walk Home
8. Till the Last Dog Dies
9. The Trifecta of Love
10. Possum Stomp
11. Dutton St. Waltz
12. Watering Hole
13. Through the Door (Black Sox)
14. Ten Years
15. Draft Dodger Rag

Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifters

Words and Music by Dan McCartney

His name was Cletis but they called him Charlie
he grew tomatoes by the pound
he flew Virginia to North Carolina
but he made his name in the cold, cold ground

so come and get you some of
radiator Charlie's mortgage lifters
with a fruit so big it will hardly hold the vine
get yourself a stake put it in the ground
you know Charlie's coming when you hear that sound
radiator Charlie's, oh they taste so fine

for seven years old Charlie tried
yeah he grew 'em big and strong
it's a dollar for a pot and I know that's alot
but them heirloom mortgage lifters don't last long