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Whistle on the Rail

2013 1. Jassbo
2. Dandelions
3. For Old Times Sake
4. Crooked Trail
5. Daddy's Gone
6. Real Men Dig Their Own Graves
7. Old Joe Brown
8. Two Left Feet
9. The Sky Hangs Low
10. Sweet Blue
11. Hopkins Creek
12. Junebug
13. Intermission
14. Dos Gardenias

Hopkins Creek

Words and music by Nick Vander Vliet

Summer breeze the trees are swaying
all along the open spaces
not one road to drive the noise in
clears my thoughts of all my hasbeens

All my words have been sentenced
or else I would've mentioned
when out heavy breathing slows down
the silence turns to woodsounds

Out here I feel like a sinner
who's been redeemed

When I move as though
my bones are made of stone
and I can't shake this load
that's on my shoulder
you lift me up alone
and let me be some other

Out here I need someone other
someone other than me