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Whistle on the Rail

2013 1. Jassbo
2. Dandelions
3. For Old Times Sake
4. Crooked Trail
5. Daddy's Gone
6. Real Men Dig Their Own Graves
7. Old Joe Brown
8. Two Left Feet
9. The Sky Hangs Low
10. Sweet Blue
11. Hopkins Creek
12. Junebug
13. Intermission
14. Dos Gardenias

The Sky Hangs Low

Words and music by Nick Vander Vliet/Aaron Allen

The sky hangs low
stars on the treetops
it's just like Christmas eve
in July

The sky hangs low
and so I reach out
and bough by bough
I'll climb on home

Ezekeil's chariot
will come like comets
while throngs of trumpets
blow notes of old

Seven white horses
canter like thunder
come take me under
your wing and swing low

My friends are scattered
just like the ashes
some glowing embers
some cold and gone
the fire's low
I thought I saw you
your touch was light
and soft as snow

In the eleventh hour
you call my name
our hearts are marked with flame
inside as always
I'll keep you near me
as under the oak tree
where we
once swore