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"Who Hit John? systematically smacked everyone in attendance with their rawkus style of bluegrass and old-time country swing..."
  Kevin King - KPL

"Despite their rough-around-the-edges appeal, Who Hit John? has been known for its tight delivery of American roots music since getting together in 2006."
  Jeff Broddle - Cadillac News

"Dan McCartney of the local roots-music band Who Hit John? heard a story about West Virginia's Marshall Cletis Byles on National Public Radio last spring that eventually grew into the band's theme for its new record."
  John Liberty - Kalamazoo Gazette

"With 27 strings and five voices the likes of which could scrub a washboard clean, Who Hit John? might seem like a quintessential old-timey, raw bluegrass band at first listen."
  Rachael Recker - The Grand Rapids Press

"I had an awesome time at their show (of course). Their lively, clap-along canter makes for a hell of a listening experience, whether live or recorded; they swim flawlessly through the roots spectrum from straight-up hillbilly ("Cooter Brown") to an organic, almost Celtic sound ("Conscription Man") to a backwater-Baptist, Ozarks goin'-to-meetin' stomp ("The Plan")"
  The Volume Junkie

"For those unfamiliar with the sound of Who Hit John?, the Kalamazoo-based band proves to be a tricky initial sell, although once you hear them, you'll definitely be buying."
  Kristi Kates - Northern express

"WHJ? has evolved over the past five years, from bluegrass and old-time to an eclectic roots sound. Thanks to last year's addition of trumpet player Josh Keller, they've become "Dixiegrass," and can swing towards New Orleans hot jazz or even a European Baltic flavor.."
  Mark Wedel - Mlive



Who Hit John? have been performing, jamming and busking around southwest Michigan since 2006. They’ve brought their energetic and original old time sound to bars, basements, street corners, concert halls - Anywhere they can get folks stompin’, singin’ and clappin’. Joined together by a love for acoustic music and its vibrant scene in Michigan, this derelict group of misfits and prophets are intent on taking the world by storm, one song at a time.

Whether kicking out rawkus fiddle tunes, dirty and greasy southern blues, or high and lonesome bluegrass serenades, Who Hit John? keep the home fires burning, carrying on the tradition of American roots music. All five members write and sing, providing a wealth of material and influences. Who Hit John? always bring audiences something exciting and new.